Expert Choice is a licensed online fragrance supplier with the largest collection of fragrances for every occasion at the lowest prices.

We are offering only Authentic perfumes, Guaranteed Originals, and Authentic Brands with affordable prices accessible to any budget.

Our Mission is to offer quality, guaranteed original scents affordable to every individual.

Our Vision is to be recognized as a company that offers scents that express the unique character of every individual.

While our main office is in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada; our warehouse is located in the US, near the Canadian border, which allows us to serve both Canadian and American customers.

We realize the importance of inner expressions in all of us and how smelling nice makes us feel. Smell good – feel good! Not only that but also reaching that inner confidence that all of us need. We want to raise it, feel beautiful and happy and inspiring at our best. We simply want to feel comfortable.

We hope that you are enjoying your shopping experience.